[orca-list] Ascii and unicode values?

OK, so I know that num pad 2 desktop=say character | twice=say phinetically if character=letter, and I also know on the laptop that command is capslock comma, but is there not a way to get the ascii or unicode value of a character that your flat review sits on? I have a friend who's really into languages who is trying to figure this out. I thought for sure I remembered doing this on accident once, but God shoot me, if I remembered how I did it, and I don't think I was dreaming I did this, or, was I? This is something we really need to implement, if it's not there and I awswsure you that my friend will write the list with his opinion on this and advicate for what I am saying. That is the only reason he's not convert3ed, but I'll let you all hear it from him directly.


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