Re: [orca-list] One more Firefox/Orca bug

Hey Bill.

Since that last one got fixed so fast!

Heh. :-)

When I have two links in a header, instead of reading the entire
header when I press h, it just reads the link and stops.  Sites like have lots of tiny links in their headers, so header
navigation isn't very good.  I would prefer the entire header to be
read.  I've attached a simple example HTML file that shows this

Yup. This is both simple to fix and complicated to fix. What I mean is
that it is extremely easy to get Orca to present the full heading.
That's a three-line fix. The problem is that in the wild we see lots of
other crap in headings (like empty sections). Some of that crap is easy
to filter out (like empty sections); other bits (anchors, image links,
etc.) less so. For instance, when I tried my simple fix on, many headings ended with 'javascript link'. Total
drag. :-(

So doing this right is going to involve making some additional changes
elsewhere to try to filter out what we don't want -- and/or present that
stuff differently -- while preserving what we do want to present. And it
will require running the full set of firefox regression tests. Thus a
fix for this issue will not happen today, I'm afraid.


1. Please file a bug. This time I mean it; I promise I won't then turn
around and file one myself and say 'never mind'. ;-) ;-)

2. If you want to dig into this issue yourself, I'm happy to work with
you on where you need to look and make changes. Otherwise, I'll try to
tackle it before too long.


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