Re: [orca-list] voxin still giving me trouble

I have gotten Voxin working just fine iin Vinux, now having said that, it never worked in UBuntu 10.04 no matter how hard I tried.

Hank, a few things:

For one, are you modifying the conf file in /home/username/.speech-dispatcher/conf or are you doing it in /etc/speech-dispatcher?

You gotta change both. Change the one in ~/ without sudo, and the one in /etc with it.

The other thing is, there is no quote: Voxin driver, end quote, that I know of. You have a driver for the old gnome-speech, and you have one for Speech-dispatcher. Which one did you say no, not to install. You gotta be careful about that.

Also did you remember to restart speech-dispatcher's service after you installed the synth?

sudo /etc/init.d/speech-dispatcher restart

I promise you I've gotten this to work with the newest build of Vinux. Write me off list if these suggestions don't work, and maybe I can call and help you out.

cgilland1 carolina rr com


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I'd say allow Voxin to install the driver. Sinnce that's where it is failing. I remember going through something similar in my case.

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