Re: [orca-list] Please help. A beginner's elementary queries on Orca source code: Query Set 1.

Dear Bhat,

I see Jason already answered your second question.

in-body reply:
On Mon 14/06/2010 at 16:10:39, Dattatray Bhat wrote:
I am studying the implementation of flat_review commands in order to check
if a few enhancements are possible. I am new to Orca and Python; and the
source code confuses me quite often. I will be very much oblidged if
experienced Orca and Python users clarify my doubts. My first set of queries
are listed below:

1. calls queryText() and getTextAtOffset() functions. Where
are these functions implemented? How can access the

I might be wrong, but I think they are provided to us if they are 
accessible objects.
you might find this helpful:

2. Function __getattr__(self, attr), in class Word, in has
following assignment (line no.135-137)-
    [char, startOffset, endOffset] = text.getTextAtOffset(self.startOffset +
   What does the left hand side syntactically represent? A list with three

3. Look at pyatspi.TEXT_BOUNDARY_CHAR in the above statement. Where does
TEXT_BOUNDARY_CHAR appear in pyatspi package?

also see above url,
or install "ipython" then:
$ ipython
... (some things i have cut)
In [1]: import pyatspi
In [2]: pyatspi.TEXT # press tab now and you will see the defined 

Maybe it is a good idea to start on some of the easier bugs, then as you 
get more familiar with the code tackle the harder once?
Do let me know if you need help picking.


Dattatray Bhat

Looking forward to your contributions.



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