Re: [orca-list] thunderbird combo content not shown in Braille when combo box has focus

On 06/09/2010 11:51 PM, Joanmarie Diggs wrote:
Hey Michael.

Just wonder if this has been filed in bugzilla, if not I can do that.
It's not ringing a bell, therefore please do file it. Thanks!
Filed as 621158

Also what is the magic number for the thunderbird meta bug in orca's
bugzilla? Where can I get a list of the magic numbers to remember?
Here's a custom query for you:
Got it, added the blocks bug 404409.

I have just tested this with orca 2.30.1 and don't notice it, its the
version in GIT showing this bug. Could it be related to all those
Braille changes Joanie did?
Either those or one of the many other changes I've done recently.
There's been quite a few.

Sorry Joanie, didn't mean to point a finger
Hehehe. No worries Michael. The only thing I can claim to have perfected
are my imperfections.<smile>  And I appreciate your testing early and
often to find these sorts of things.
I don't know about me finding bugs, you've just done something which shows a bug on my system... I will 
detail it in another message.

Michael Whapples

Take care.

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