Re: [orca-list] Bullets and Numbering in OOo Writer

I've not tried the patch yet but I will look at it as it sounds useful.

Now I guess you could do a bit of tracking down on the speaking period twice by enabling logging in speech-dispatcher. Might it be that somewhere to force the TTS to say the punctuation SD or opentts sends the phrase "period." (a wild guess but the thought being that it may expect the TTS not to speak the actual . character but to give the end of sentence pause).

Michael Whapples
On 01/-10/-28163 08:59 PM, Steve Holmes wrote:
Hey, the recent changes were committed to master where bullets and numbers were spoken in Writer but if one used Speech Dispatcher or OpenTTS, he or she would not hear them unless punctuation was set to "All". And even then, some bullet styles would still not speak. I have sent up a patch to Bugzilla for you all to test. If you are using Speech Dispatcher or OpenTTS for speech services, Then please checkout the patch here.
A couple side effects seem to appear with this:
1. All capital letters now speak with a raised pitch instead of saying "Capital" every time; I actually like this. 2. Unfortunately, if you set Punctuation to "All", you will hear periods being spoken twice. I can't seem to figure this particular problem out. Anyone care to speculate a guess why?

Anyway, please check this out and tell me how things go and if I can get that minor bug figured out, I can have this committed to master.

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