Re: [orca-list] Your feedback please! 'List Shortcuts' feature now available in Orca master (Orca 2.31.2).

I'm not going to try it out right now (not running on the latest version), but I think it's a fine feature indeed.

I use up to five screen readers on a daily basis in various operating systems, and having a list of available shortcuts readily available would be quite handy.


On Tue, 1 Jun 2010, Dattatray Bhat wrote:

Keyboard shortcuts or hotkeys expedite common operations by reducing long
input sequences to a few keystrokes. To a visually disabled user, they are
invaluable! Knowing the correct shortcut in a given context is a must for
using an application efficiently. But aren't there too many of them, at
least for a new user? For example, Orca has 57 default shortcuts, 12
shortcuts for Open Office and 77 shortcuts for Firefox. Considering this
situation, I had filed an enhancement request
and submitted a patch for a new feature. The new feature is now available in
Orca master (Orca v2.31.2).

It works like this. The user enters 'List Shortcuts' mode by pressing Orca +
H (double click). Pressing '1' lists Orca's default shortcuts. Pressing '2'
lists Orca's shortcuts for the current application. The user can navigate
and hear the listed shortcuts by pressing 'Up/ Down', can toggle to the
other group of shortcuts by pressing '1' or '2', or can exit by pressing

Please try out the new feature and give your feedback. If you do not want to
try it out, please do tell whether you think it will be useful or not.
Kindly reply to orca-list gnome org so that all replies are visible to Orca
list members.

Thanks and regards.

Dattatray Bhat

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