Re: [orca-list] does orca work with gnustep apps?

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Sorry for continuing the seeming off topicness but espeak is used with
both gnome-speech and with Speech-Dispatcher, the speech engine
replacement for Orca in the next major release.

When compiling espeak, check the #include of protaudio.h; there is a
header for version 18, which uses OSS and version 19, which uses
ALSA.  So what you want to do is take and 'cp portaudio19.h

I hope I got the names of those headers right.  This is also discussed
in the INSTALL notes too.  Try that and make sure portaudio is
installed on your system also and see how the compile goes.

On Thu, Feb 04, 2010 at 10:25:01PM -0500, Derek Roberts wrote:
Hi all,

The subject pretty much says it. I was looking around and noticed
something they're developing at called GnuStep. It's supposed
to be a free implementation of cocoa, the graphical thing used on the
mac. I was wondering if this Gnustep works with orca?

Also, a bit off subject, but a couple weeks ago, I tried compiling and
installing the latest eSpeak. Unfortunately, I think the precompiled
portaudio is trying to use the oss sound driver, not alsa. So unless I
use the aoss command, I get no speech. I've found a way to get output
from programs by redirrecting the standard in and out to espeak, but
is there a way to fix this? I found spd-say produces speech, but at
the moment I have orca set to use gnome speech services and "orca -t
2> /dev/stdout | aoss espeak --stdin" doesn't get me a talking setup.
Or if this is the wrong list, can someone give me the subscribe
address for the right one?

Thanks, a slightly frustrated Big D. Having to use vista sucks!
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