[orca-list] Orca 2.29.6 and Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) Daily Build development versions are working ammazingly

Dear users,
    I would like to recommend al users of Orca to try The latest development relase of Ubuntu which can be downloaded by using The link
Then choose Your .iso image to use with Yours architecture.
I would like to thank very very much all core developers of Orca and The MR Luke Yelavich for his very complex and highly efficient programmers work. The speech responsiveness is by The one word very, very good equal or even better than while working with Espeak and with Windows XP WDM compatible sound drivers. All administrative applications are ready for visually impaired. Orca is starting automatically if visually impaired user will choose The blindness profile according to The very well known procedures.
    I would only like to know, on which aspects of Orca should i focus to try to debug some errors, because i can not speak bad word to Orca and speech dispatcher integration to The Ubuntu latest development live CD build. Mozilla Firefox 3.6 is working ammazingly and The Whole At-spi infrastructure included with Gnome 2.29.6 is approximately 50 percent faster than in Gnome 2.28. For example, while working with The Gparted program, The responsiveness while pressing up or down arrow keys while browsing The partitions list is according to my opinion 50 percent faster than in Gnome 2.28.
    So if i only could please mr Luke Yelavich for somethink is, if he could try to please Ubuntu kernel developers to repair error in The shutdown algorithm. If user want to turn The computer off, Gnome all all processes are being correctly terminated but when user should press The Enter key to turn The computer off, The system will not do it and if The Swap file is being used The mechanic parts of Harddrive can be damaged if user will be forced to turn The computer off forced by using The power button on The computer.
    I will now intensively test The Ubuntu development release while using it from Harddrive, from USB drive if The swap file will be presented on The harddrive or without it. I will very gladly to send The bugs to The Canonical server if The system will allow me to do it.
So MR Walker, i am only very surpriced, that some users referred, that they are having issues with The Gnome 2.29 and with Orca. I can not confirm those issues while i Am working with The latest development version of Ubuntu.
Mr Luke Yelavich is excellent programmer and his C language programmers knowledge are really on very high level. Mr Yelavich is doing so many complex programmers tasks during his working day, and he is really very patient and without him, Ubuntu accessibility program woul be in danger.

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