[orca-list] Orca-customizations.py Update

There's a slight update to the file:
I changed extended weather information to have better sentence structure. now, instead of saying "wind/rain later", it will say "wind and rain" later.
Also, only the first word of the sentence is capitalized. No more "Cloudy" instead of "cloudy".
Also, Firefox has changed its default folder for downloading from Desktop to Downloads. So, you can now import from either ~/Desktop or ~/Downloads. Of course, you will need to import the current release from Desktop, but the new functionality will be available in future releases.
To get the latest version, press the check for updates button, orca+c by default. To import it once downloaded, press orca+c twice in rapid succession.
If you prefer doing it the old fassion way, by typing in an address and all that mundane stuff, go to:

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