[orca-list] Thunderbird Address Book and Exporting

Hello Steve,

There are some discrepancies between the Windows and Linux versions of Thunderbird and also between the Linux Thunderbird's Import and Export features.

When I was creating the Vinux Wiki page:

  How to Import and Export in Firefox and Thunderbird

I noticed some differences.

In the Linux Import of the Address Book there is a list of the three file types:
  ldif, comma separated and tab delimited.

But In the Linux Export of the Address Book there is no list and ldif seems to be the default.

In the Windows Thunderbird both the Import and Export of the Address Book allows for selecting these three file types.

I assume that the Linux version is secondary to the Windows version so some
features will lag behind in the Linux version.

If you find out how to do it, let me know so that I can update the Vinux
Wiki page.


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I'm trying to export my thunderbird address book into a .CSV file but I
cannot find the file type choices in the export dialog.  Can anyone else
verify this being a problem?

The steps to follow are like this:

1. Get into thunderbird and choose address book from the tools menu.
Shift-Ctrl+b ot to do it easily enough.

2. Navigate to an address book with some entries in it.  The one created
by all your sent e-mails should have some entries in it.

3. Go to the Export dialog by choosing Tools / Export from the menus.

At this point, you should be in a dialog for saving files and the current
focus will be in the file name text box which accepts auto completion.
Pressing Ctrl+Tab should move you out of that control.  Keep tabbing
around and listen for anything to do with file types.  In my case, I can't
find any.  Can any of you find anything?

When I am in the Windows version of Thunderbird, I do find a file types
combo showing 3 types of output.  The current default is ldiff and I don't
wanna use that format.

In the meantime, I have filed a bug in the Mozilla site
explaining that I cannot find the file types option anywhere on this
dialog.  I am using Thunderbird 3.1.7 on both Linux and Windows.

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