Re: [orca-list] FTP Server GUI For Linux That Works With Orca

If you use nautilus to explorer your file system, you can use it to explorer a ftp server too.
You can try press ctrl++l and type something like:
sftp://YourUserName YourServerName Nautilus will ask for the password ant after that you will see the files in the ftp server.

On 08/28/2010 06:15 PM, Richard wrote:
Hi everyone,

I know there are accessible ftp clients with guis for Linux that work
with Orca. Most of the ftp servers that I've read about are command line
only. The only ones that I know of that have guis are ProFTPD and
VSFTPD. Both work with Webmin which is interesting to get to run on
Linux depending on the distrobution of choice.

I know that there are more accessible ftp server guis on Windows. I know
that there is GAdmin and GTKProFTPD for Linux, but unsure how Orca
friendly they are. I ask because this would save me the trouble of
putting XP and Jaws on an older machine that isn't in use now.

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