Re: [orca-list] Navigating tables in Office Writer

Hi Chris.

CCing the list since your question is good.

Let me reclarify.

Say I'm typing a document, and I'm working in a table, but the table is at 
the bottom of the file.  I wanna get out of the table to continue typing in 
my document below the table which starts and works its way until the end of 
the file.  does that make a little more sense?

Yup, it sure does. Down arrow. <smiles>

Just to be sure, I created a brand new Writer document. It was (of
course) empty. I created a new table. Then my document just had a table
in it. At the bottom of the table, pressing Down Arrow moved me out of
the table. Really. 

Give it a try. To me it's quite intuitive, but I can see where you might
think that if you didn't explicitly create a blank line to arrow down
to, that you couldn't do it.


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