Re: [orca-list] Firefox 4.0 and Tabbing to Links

Well, I have the same problem in 3.6.9 pre and I have temporary solution.
If you know that there will be link somewhere, just use U to move to the next link and then tab should work correctly. And here are repositories for all mozilla builds packaged in debs, hope it will help someone.
deb lucid main
deb-src lucid main
On 24.7.2010 17:03, Steve Holmes wrote:
I've been using Firefox pretty regular now and am encountering a
problem but am unsure how to describe for a bug report.  Basically,
when I use the arrow keys to read through text and find a link or form
element that I wish to click on, I would then tab to be sure to focus
the desired element or link.  The problem is, most often, pressing the
tab key will take the focus to some link way up towards the top of the
page, if not the top of the page.  In most cases, it is not tracking
where the arrow keys were reading.  Of course, when this happens, the
point the arrow keys is reading is also shifted to this new location
so basically, tabbing is causing me to lose my place on the page.

So far, this is the main thing I have trouble with; most everything
else is doing pretty good for a new beta.  I find 4.0 to be much
better than 3.6.anything.

Can anyone else reproduce my problem above?  BTW, both mutt and
thunderbird have a list-reply function so it should be easy to reply
to the list.
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