Re: [orca-list] Fix for bullet presentation needs your testing love

Hey Steve.

My testing which I detailed on the bug patch review was all done while
using Open TTS; not sure if I clarified that point or not.

No worries. I've been testing it a bunch in Speech Dispatcher. Between
the two of us, plus future community testing between now and the 2.32
release, I think we'll be good.

A different question: can you recommend some quick steps to test the
supperscript/subscript deal for your other gcalctool bug?

Well, you could also jut try reading the OOo Writer doc I attached. It's
there to simplify things as the condition in question is Gcalctool
switched to unicode characters for displaying superscripted and
subscripted numbers.

Likewise, if you read through my comment in which I CCed you, those
numbers are unicode characters (i.e. there's a Gecko test case in my
comment -- and in the bugzilla email you would have received.)

Anyhoo, in Gcalctool, Alt plus a number makes it a subscript; Control
plus a number makes it a superscript. So you could test by inputting
numbers and then:

1. Arrowing left and right to be sure each character is correctly

2. Tab once to move focus out of the display entry and Shift+Tab back
into the entry at which point Orca should speak the full display

Known issue: Character echo is not echoing these items when they are
typed. They're not quite accented characters so our code for that needs
to be changed. I'll take a look at that in a bit.

Thanks again for your help!

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