Re: [orca-list] When I checking enable contracted braille in Orca preferences dialog/braille page, and navigating the contraction table list with arrow keys, I hear all items doubled

Hey Attila.

When In Orca preferences GUI/graille page I enabling braille support
check box and enable contracted braille check box, and try navigating
contracted table combo box with Up or Down arrow keys, I hear spokening
all translation table names double, for example:
hu 50 of 80.
hu 50 of 80.

That sounds like we're getting a couple of different events telling us
the focus/selection/something has changed. We should filter that out. If
you were to capture a full debug.out and then search for the lines which
have 'hu 50 of 80' and begin with 'SPEECH OUTPUT', you should be able to
figure out what those two events are.

Take care.

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