Re: [orca-list] Initial recordings of the audio walkthroughs available

Just a question, is Gnome 2.30 available for Arch linux?
Many thanks,

On 2010-04-04 at 22:04 Michael Whapples wrote:

What I have decided to do is make the initial recordings available, 
people can listen to them and decide which is of greater value or if 
both are worth finding a permanent home for. I've already had one email 
suggesting that the GRML one is possibly more useful/interesting but may 
be a written document would be better. Any comments along this line 
would be useful, how much do people value the audio for the different

So here are the links:
The GRML based install of archlinux can be found at
The audio walkthrough for using the speakup modified CD of the archlinux 

While may be archlinux is more for those a bit more familiar with Linux, 
I will say this step of installing is possibly the most difficult, it 
should get easier when I cover things like gnome and Orca.

Michael Whapples
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