Re: [orca-list] orca crashing, archlinux

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I don't know if it means much but I also run Arch Linux and
occasionally have problems with Orca failing at startup.  I usually
login to a console as root and start gdm.  Then I login (unfortunately
without any speech) but then Orca attempts to start.  Many times, it
will start up just fine but other times, it will say "Welcome to Orca"
and then nothing else.  If I do Alt-F2 and type 'orca', then orca
starts up and all continues fine.  Never caught any logs because of
the non predictable nature of this.  The main difference here as
compared with other situations is one can start Orca by merely
starting it again.  Where other situations like this either require
one to kill Orca first from a console with 'orca -q' and then
restarting Orca from a gnome session or even worse, having to complete
restart gnome.

On Tue, Sep 29, 2009 at 05:41:33PM -0500, Alonzo cuellar wrote:
hello everyone.

When ever i startup gnome and orca starts, it crashes. I'm unsure what to do as I've never seen this 
problem when running arch with orca. I'vve got arch installed on another machine and it runs fine. It's 
just this laptop that has recently aquired a linux install.
Pleas help.

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