[orca-list] Need help getting started with Linux.

I have no experience with Linux or ORCA. I want to try installing Ubuntu 9.04.
I have Windows XP and JAWS on my first physical disk partitioned into c: and d: drives. Initially I wanted drive d: empty for eventually installing Linux. Now I want to play it safe by putting Linux on a second physical disk.
This second disk was just installed but it is not yet partitioned. I understood that partitioning was part of the Linux install process.
My first goal is to preserve Windows and partition the second disk and install Linux to it. From the ORCA site I downloaded and burned the Ubantu 9.04 ISO file.
There are two ways to run this CD.

1. First, boot to the Ubantu CD. ORCA does not start automatically so sighted assistance is required. Select the Install button and the screen that follows shows the two existing drives and the available space on each. There does not appear to be evidence of the second un-partitioned disk.
This screen also has a notice that Windows XP is present and there is a warning that proceeding with the install will destroy Windows.

2. Second, insert the CD into the tray with Windows and JAWS running. A window appears which JAWS can navigate easily. I selected the Install alongside Windows button.
The window that follows has a combo-box with only the two existing drive letters – c: and d:. Again there is no indication that there is an un-partitioned second disk.

I would like to proceed with the second method with the assistance of JAWS. Can anyone comment on my concerns below?
Is there a way for Ubantu 9.04 to partition an un-partitioned disk?
If not, is it safe to proceed using JAWS, to install Ubantu alongside Windows on my D: drive?
Perhaps, after installing Linux on the d: drive, there may be a Linux command or Linux application that I could use to partition the second disk.

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