Re: [orca-list] Orca and character encoding

Isaac Porat wrote:
On another mailing list, there are reports on problems with utf-8 and it
suggested that the problem is perhaps with speech-dispatcher but it is not

Which list?

I wonder how Orca handles character encoding, does Orca translate all
characters to a common denominator such as utf-8 and sends these to the
speech engine or does it send it in it in its original encoding and if so
how it indicates the encoding to the engine?

Orca internally works with utf-8 encoded strings and this encoding is
also used for communication with Speech Dispatcher.  The Speech
Dispatcher Python interface accepts either utf-8 encoded strings or
Python unicode strings, but in either case, the strings are encoded to
utf-8 for communication with the SD server core internally.  SD then
recodes to the encoding accepted by the speech engine, which ofen is
utf-8 again, but may differ according to what the speech engine supports.

Best regards, Tomas

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