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Is this an orca idea or is it more suited for gnome in general? I ask this as I had a memory of mouse gestures being somewhere in gnome so I had a look and it turned out to be to start tools at the GDM login screen. However while looking for that I did find people calling for mouse gestures in gnome, may be the following link would be of interest:

If I have missed the point you were getting at with orca taking control of what the mouse does then may be explain further.

Michael Whapples
On -10/01/37 20:59, Josh wrote:
I have a suggestion for Orca that would put it ahead of many other Linux screen readers. When orca is running, take over the touchPads and computer mouse for example.
move mouseuntil you hear an object under it. when you stop orca tells you how to activate it with the mouse or touch-pad. Also if you want to go through menu items each move right flips through menu items. and each movement let goes back. It would also be cool if you could assign orca commands to mouse or touchpad gestures like to read a document pull your mouse vertically down a little to start reading and left click anywhere to stop. Adding gesture-based commands to Orca may also help blind people with coordination problems too. The mac is now gesture based and it would be nice if Orca had its own system of gestures.
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