Re: [orca-list] Random Orca Freezes

Doesn't sound great, I am not sure what has caused the hang for you. May be if you get it again try launching yasr and then setting orca for debug and launch orca, read/post the debug output, could reveal something.

Another thing, not a solution to the problem, but a temporary work around, when it happens again try quitting orca from the command line:
orca -q
and then relaunch orca:
Does that work?

Unfortunately if its one of those things which only happens sometimes and not after a specific sequence of events then the cause may be harder to find.

Michael Whapples
On -10/01/37 20:59, Storm Dragon wrote:
A while ago I wrote about Orca freezing and the only way to get it back is to log out and back in. I have a little more info.  I happened to be in terminal when it stopped working.  So, I launched yasr and just launched Orca inside the terminal.  I heard "welcome to orca" and nothing else as usual.  Then, yasr read the next thing.  It was not a very informative message, but here it is.  "Orca: something has hung: aborting" The prompt did not come back though, I had to do ctrl+c to get it back.
So, do I need to file a bug?

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