Re: [orca-list] A fact about orca and my netbook that others may find useful!


Are you using Ubuntu?

The brltty service isn't started automatically on Ubuntu.  That's why you had to run it manually.

To have it started automatically you need to edit the file /etc/default/brltty and change the line that says RUN_BRLTTY=no to RUN_BRLTTY=yes.

brltty on its own can't provide braille output in graphics mode, even in gnome-terminal, it needs Orca to tell it what to display.  So if brltty is running but Orca isn't configured for braille then the "screen not in text mode" message will be all you get.

brltty can work on its own in the text consoles though.  Pressing ctrl+alt+F1 through F6 will get you to a text console where you can use brltty without Orca.  ctrl+alt+F7 will get you back to graphics mode (gnome).


On 04/09/09 00:47, Jennifer wrote:
Hi. I tried to get a pacmate display working with Orca and/or braille TTY (in the terminal). It wouldn't work in either and when I typed sudo brltty in the terminal I got the message "screen not in text mode". Then the speech crashed and I re-started Orca. The braille display started working and continued doing so, even after the speech crashed. This is going to be very useful for me I think in at least gaining a bit more use from my netbook.
Also does any one know what the "screen not in text mode" message means, and could braille in Orca not have been working because BRLTTY was not running undo sudo automatically?

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