Re: [orca-list] (Solved) Re: Problem with Orca modifier keyon Ubuntu Karmic

On Fri, Oct 30, 2009 at 02:16:31PM -0400, Kyle wrote:
Thanks to the beeping mouse pointer in NVDA, I finally figured out
what the problem was with the Orca modifier key. Seems that just

Good job

before Karmic was released, mouse keys was turned on by default.

I had this exact same problem too, yes, you can enable a setting which
allows you to move the mouse pointer with the numpad keys...
(Sorry I didn't see this earlier to help)

This is not a problem except when using a screen reader that uses

It would probably be rather handy - allowing a sighted person to not
have to remove their hands from the keyboard to control the mouse whilst

the keypad. It's never a good idea to have two things trying to use


the same keys at the same time. Conflicts somehow tend to arise when
this happens.

Well one key is trying to undertake two separate tasks, I guess, and one
gets it's way (mouse keys), and the orca functionality is lost.


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