Re: [orca-list] a feature request for which I have a solution.

On Mon, 2009-10-19 at 14:36 +0530, Arky wrote:

--- On Mon, 19/10/09, Krishnakant <hackingkk gmail com> wrote:
What I want to request is
that we should
include this as the manual which can come in the help
option of orca.
So if some one hits enter on help button this manual is
also provided as
getting starting.


Why not help out with Gnome Accessibility Guide itself. I think Mallard document format is easy to learn.

Share your ideas here on this page

Yes indeed it will be my pleasure to do that, but at the same time the
point I raised here was a bit different.
Rather look at the other aspect.  When you take a proprietory screen
reader, you get the manual with it and not requiring to connect to the
Imagine in India for example in so many places there is hardly any
internet facility available.  Should these people be kept away from
learning orca?
It's perfectly ok to put the documents on-line infact that should be one
of the biggest prioritys.  The advantage would be that peop.people can
directly contribute to it.
But having it off-line and built with orca is equally important.

happy hacking.

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