Re: [orca-list] How is Orc implemented into Gnome?

Hi James:

Orca is more like VoiceOver than it is like JAWS. That is, Orca talks to an assistive technology service provider interface (AT-SPI) that is an integral part of the graphical toolkits used to build applications. For example, AT-SPI is used by GNOME's GTK+ toolkit, Firefox's Gecko toolkit, OpenOffice, etc.

So, unlike some assistive technologies which replace graphics drivers and perform other "interesting" operations, Orca really is just an application that happens to talk to the AT-SPI and then speech, braille, and magnification services.


On Oct 3, 2009, at 5:51 AM, James & Nash wrote:

Hi folks,
I'm sorry to ask this here, but I couldn't find the answer anywhere else. How is Orca implemented into Gnome? Is it an integral part of the Linux OS like Apple's Voice Over, or is it a bolt on such as JAWS or other Windows Screen Readers?
Take care
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