[orca-list] Ubuntu 9.1 and no audio

Hi Group,
I posted this on the accessible Ubuntu list, but I seem to never get 
responses from that list, almost as though my messages don't go through 
there, so I'll post my request for assistance here:
I have been using a CD with the live 9.04 Ubuntu, and it has been working 
well enough.
But I thought I'd try to burn the latest, 9.1, and it appears to boot up, 
but there is no sound.
I have an Averatec 2300 laptop.
It uses RealTek High Definition Audio for the sound chip.
Is there an easy non-visual method of using a different audio driver after 
I know about getting into terminal and logging in as root to change things, 
but I am not familiar with a lot of the Linux commands.

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