Re: [orca-list] reviewing orca with eclipse, any experiences?

Yes, the bug regarding auto complete was fixed and the fix is present in eclipse 3.5m6. One big problem that I am facing is that I can not access the status line with orca. This is critical in my opinion because I can not know for example in which line I am.
I am trying script orca to solve this problem.

On 26-03-2009 13:52, Michael Whapples wrote:
First of all eclipse works with orca fairly well. Although eclipse is java based it doesn't need the java access bridge to work with orca as eclipse uses SWT for the GUI which uses the platforms native toolkit (in the case of linux GTK).

Auto complete in the past hasn't always worked with orca, I believe it was an eclipse issue that an accessible event wasn't being fired when the text in the editor changed. I think the bug has been recently fixed in eclipse (I don't know if the fix has made it into a release version yet).

Eclipse doesn't always seem to shutdown properly when using accessibility so I tend to keep it open all the time when using it and only shut it down when I plan to shutdown the computer.

There are some other bugs as well, but probably it is best you just try and use it, I don't think there is anything so big it will stop you.

Michael Whapples
On 23/12/42 19:59, Krishnakant wrote:
Hello all,
I have got some free time for a few days and I have as usual decided to
dedicate it to orca and complete a few things like some editing of my
recorded orca audio tutorials.

I am now trying to explore eclipse as a potential ide for java and

Can some one share their experiences on using orca with eclipse?

I want to know particularly if the auto completion of syntax is
accessible with orca?

What all other features are accessible?

Should I put things like access bridge to use with eclipse for making it
accessible with orca?

happy hacking.

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