Re: [orca-list] Inconsistent behavior in flat review mode across applications

I can confirm this behavior, though I'm not sure which is the design behavior myself. I'd prefer a toggle option to toggle between both behaviors, a way to park the flat review cursor. Typically I'd prefer the first behavior, where the flat review follows the application focus, but there are times when I'd like to be able to lock the flat review cursor at one position independent of the application.

On Mar 24, 2009, at 11:09, David E. Price wrote:


Flat review mode behaves differently in Firefox/Thunderbird than in other applications (in this case, gnome-terminal and gedit). In gnome-terminal and gedit, flat review always starts from the point of focus within the application, and whenever that point of focus is changed, flat review automatically moves to that point of focus. For example, let's say you want to manipulate a file in gnome-terminal, but the file name is similar enough to many other file names in the directory so that auto-completion won't help very much. You navigate to the file name you want, spell it out, then start typing the file name. At this point, flat review moves back to the command line. If you are unsure of dots, dashes, capitalization, etc., you must navigate with flat review back to the file name once again to get the information you need.

In Firefox/Thunderbird, once you enter flat review mode, flat review's focus will not return to the application's focus unless you press numpad-minus (desktop layout).

So, three  questions:

1.)  Can anyone else duplicate this behavior?

2.) Which of these behaviors is the designed behavior?

3.) Which of these behaviors would the Orca community prefer?

I'm guessing, but I think the designed behavior is the one exhibited in gnome-terminal and gedit. However, I would prefer the second behavior, since there are times when I would like to review information away from the application's focus and be able to return immediately to the application's point of focus. However, I recognize that this would take a lot more processing, as the flat review cursor's "model" of the screen content would have to be continuously updated.

I'll file bugs and/or RFEs as needed, based on the responses to those questions.



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