Re: [orca-list] No typing control in Ff's adress bar

Hi, Will,

My system:
1.44 GHz processor with 512 Mb RAM
ubuntu Intrepid, from the box with all updates and upgrades (still using pulse audio)
Firefox (Minefield):version 3.2a1 pre
Orca: svn trunk, rev 4621

When I initially open a window/tab, orca doesn't read the words as i type in the location edit box. Let me rephrase that... I very occasionally get a word spoken if I type very slowly and pause after hitting a punctuation key ('.', '/', etc.), but most words are not spoken even under these conditions. I always have the ability to move by character using the cursor keys with Orca reading the characters. I can also always get the contents of the location edit box using Orca_modifier-Keypad_Enter.

I have a feeling that this may be related in some way to the autocompletion list. Once or twice, as I was typing very slowly, I got a fragment of a URL from the autocompletion list. Additionally, once I pressed the down arrow to enter the autocompletion list, pressed the Escape key to return to the edit box, then continued typing the URL, Orca read every word without delay.

I don't have time to try to trace this any further at the moment, but I can generate a debug.out if that would help.


On 03/05/2009 06:17 AM, Willie Walker wrote:
Hi Hermann:

Late in the GNOME 2.24 cycle, there were some changes made to the way GTK+ loads the accessibility infrastructure and this impacted Firefox as well. You might be running into this. Based upon your previous e-mails, though, I believe you are running a distribution few of us use, and you've also customized it to a great degree.

I'd be interested if others who are using an "out of the box" distribution such as Ubuntu or OpenSolaris can also reproduce this problem.


On Mar 5, 2009, at 5:21 AM, Hermann wrote:

I feel that certain issues come up again and again:
When I try to enter an adress in FF's adress bar, Orca is silent and the
braille display shows nothing.
You are not able to control/correct your typing.
I remember that we had this earlier, but I thought it has been fixed.
I use the latest Minefield, but it also happens with Shiretoko.
In Iceweasel it shows my typing, but very very slow.
So what has happened?

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