[orca-list] Orca 2.24.4 and some observations

Hello list!

I have built and installed the subject Orca on a machine running Ubuntu

When running any part of Openoffice 2.24 or the text editor,  Orca will
hang on the "save as" dialogue.  That is, The keyboard will not work for
some time.  If I move the mouse pointer around, Orca will speak
seemingly random things from whatever windows are open.  After as long
as maybe 3 minutes, the keyboard becomes usable again, and I can use the

This machine is a laptop.  When power management is active, Orca will
not start properly on the first try.  It has taken as many as 5 attempts
before Orca starts fully, when power management is on.  If, I either
plug the machine in or run it on battery without power management, Orca
starts fine.

What can I do to fix these problems or work around them?  They occur
irrespective of the speech system or audio system used.


Dave Hunt

twitter:  wx1gdave

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