Re: [orca-list] using orca in fedora 11?


You can try
yum --uninstall pulseaudio
I don't remember the exact commands as i don't use fedora anymore. That shoudl disable pulse audio. Then set your preferences to use alsa in sounds.

Regarding speakup, this is off topic here. Look at the documentation provided in the tarball
usually make and make install_modules will get you started.
You can also suscrbie to the speakup mailing list for more help.


On 07/20/2009 12:35 PM, Justin Mann wrote:
HI all,
Has anybody had experience with using orca in fedora 11? I've gotten fedora installed, and have orca running with the gnome speech drivers, and espeak, but I notice that sometimes Fedora can be a little sluggish as say compared to vinux. Anyway to improve Fedora/orca's responsiveness? Also forgive me this is a bit off topic, but I can not find any instructions for instaling speakup in to the Kernel. The speakup website clearly tells you how to get speakup from source, but has nothing with regards to installing it from srouce.

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