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yea I no.. I said that it was off topic so if someone didn't want to read it they could skip it. I just thought someone could send a link or something. I wasn't trying to be anoying or take up peoples time. I'll stick to on topic poasts. ----- Original Message ----- From: "Willie Walker" <William Walker Sun COM>
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Shown at the bottom of every message posted to the Orca user's list is the following:

Netiquette Guidelines are at

On that page, one can find this:

"The simple litmus test might be something along the following lines: if your topic can be constructed using phrases such as "I'm trying to do the following with Orca..." or "I have the following suggestion for Orca...", then it's likely to be on topic.

If your topic contains a phrase such as "this is probably off topic", or it contains some general question about administering or configuring your operating system (e.g., setting up wireless, backing up files, etc.), then it's probably off topic."


kyle wrote:

sorry this is off topic I'm running vinux 2.0 which is debian based and I wanted to no if anyone here can direct me to some info about updating gnome. I can't seem to find out how to do it correctly.
 thanks kyle


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