Re: [orca-list] my audio only works within orca screen magnifier window


Thanks your so much for your advice. In my case, it is the permission issue as you predicted. :-)

After logging and launch orca using the same user, now I am able to make the audio work on the firefox browser.


Willie Walker wrote:

This could be many things. :-( One is that OpenSolaris audio and virtual box don't play well together (I hope we fix this soon). It might also be that you're running Orca as 'root' but that you're logged in as a different user. If this is the case, try running Orca as the same user you're logged in as.


Yifeng wrote:

I have a Mac OS, installed sun virtual box, then installed open solaris 2009.06.

Then I downloaded audio driver from

My audio works fine. And then I invoke orca from terminal command line using root as id.

After setting language preference and all the keyboard preference, I logout and login my open solaris as directed.

Type orca from command line, this brings up orca screen magnifier window, my audio only works within the window, that is, it reads help contents etc, but when I invoke my firefox browser, system keeps quiet.

Can someone help me? How can I make orca "talk" and "read" browser information for me when I navigate?


-Yifeng Luo

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