Re: [orca-list] more audio tutorials and some text for documentation

Thanks Krishnakant! If you can update the instructions as, it would great.


Andre Nuno Soares wrote:
Hello Krishnakant,

On Thu, 2009-01-22 at 00:27 +0530, Krishnakant wrote:
Some one on the list had asked me if I could provide a script(document )
on ubuntu installation using accessibility with orca.
I will finish that page by this week end,
but can't remember who on the list had requested me to do that.

You wound me to the heart! :-)

Who ever it was, please mail on this list or off list to me.
I will put it some where for public access.

Thanks Krishnakant. If it's not too long, maybe mailing it to the list?
Alternatively, just mail it to me or put it in the Orca wiki, or I can
put it there if you prefer.

Again, thanks,

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