[orca-list] trying to figure out building gui for ocr with kies and ocropus

hello orca hackers and particular thanks to Willem for his help on
getting me up and running with kies.
danyal, thanks for the howto as well.
I have a few questions before I get into creating a gui based front-end
for the commandline tools available for ocr on gnu/linux.

Firstly I am sending this mail as a cc to a few young girls who are
working as interns under my guidance for a reputed univercity and they
know python and pygtk.
We are now trying to build a gui based front-end for ocr to speech.
I had promised a few months back to organise such a team and create this
front-end so here I am now with a few starting questions.
Firstly, Willem, can you please send me the script again?
I think some files on my hard disk are currupt and things don't seam to
I want to know how the entire system works.
That is to say, ocropus does the ocr.  Is tesseract also useful and what
is its role in this contect.

Also, are there any python interfaces for ocropus which can be used
along with pygtk to glue the front-end and ocropus engine.
Willem, could you please for the bennifit of my young hackers send off
the list  some detailed step-by-step instructions for running this
entire set of softwares?

another question, will users like the auto (continueous ) scann feature
in the gui where the user sets halt timeouts between scanns for flipping
pages of a book?
I personally like such a feature specially when I want to do mass
scanning of more than 25 pages and then give the entire stuff for ocr at
The immidiate question that then comes is, will ocropus handle such big
content for ocr?
Do let us know about any other thing which people have seen in any other
software and would like us to do?
I understand that auto rotation is not possible at this point of time so
we have to put this out of question for some time I believe?
happy hacking.

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