Re: [orca-list] Speech-dispatcher and multiple sounds

André Carioca wrote:
How can I to change speech-dispatcher of system mode for user mode!

Runing spd-conf, the system to create a .speech-dispatcher fowder in the
home, but do not remove configuration files in /etc/speech-dispatcher.

That's ok, there's no need to remove these files.  You can run both
instances at the same time or you can disable starting the system-wide
service.  How you do that depends on your distributions.  In Ubuntu, for
example, you disable it by editting /etc/defaults/speech-dispatcher.

If I remove manualy, when I run  spd-say, the system display this message:

can't to open /etc/speech-dispatcher/speechd.conf.

That may be because you are connecting to the system-wide SD.  You
better re-run spd-conf after disabling it.

I woud like to use speech-dispatcher and to listen musica sometime.

Yes, that can be best achieved when using ALSA for sound output.

Best regards, Tomas

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