Re: [orca-list] have anyone tried espeak 1.40

On 24.02.2009 at 13:15:54 Tony Bernedal <tony bernedal gmail com> wrote:

I was surfing in to espeak's webpage and find that there is a version
1.40 to download. If I remember right it is version 1.39 in ubuntu
Have anyone tried this version and if so, is it more stable than the
version included in ubuntu 8.10?

I don't know whether there are stability issues with Ubuntu and Espeak
1.39, but to answer your question: I use 1.40 since it was released
without any problems - I use GRML as Linux distro.

How do I install it if I download the binaries for ubuntu?

That's a bit tricky, since you have to copy the needed files to the right
places. So my recommend is to download the source package and build it.
Make sure to have all the dependencies for doing this by typing:
sudo aptitude update
sudo aptitude build-dep espeak
Then unpack the downloaded archive and change to the src subfolder in
the Espeak main folder.
Then type:
sudo make
sudo make install
Note: You _must read the output before continuing to the next step in
order to see whether the compilation went right.

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