Re: [orca-list] upgrading to the newest Ubuntu?

Hey there Jerry,

You might be abel to do an upgrade. I believe the install asks if you would like to upgrade your machine. When you install you might also try mount your partitions manually through the installer this way your home partition or / partition does not get reformatted. You can set it to not format your current drives and then install ubuntu that way. How well this works, I can't say. I don't use ubuntu as my distro.

Take care,

On 02/23/2009 06:17 PM, Jarrod Jicha wrote:
I know this will probibly sound very stupid, but don't mind me, I am extreemly new to linux as a whole. anyway, I hear people talking about an alpha of the newest Ubuntu, I was wondering how you can install overtop of 8.10, and maintain your settings, or is this even possable?

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