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I installed Debian Lenny last October and first did as you did; I use speakup all the time while in the console. I later installed the entire Gnome package (which includes orca) with aptitude. The only little hitch I ran into is when the system booted, run level 3 was hooked to run gdm-login. So I went in and changed the default run level to 2 by editting inittab and now when I want to run gnome, I do 'startx' from the console under my local user account. the first time, I did not have any speech but I manually started orca by pressing alt-f2 and typing 'orca'. Next thing I got speech and changed it to the speech synth I wanted. Orca's been taling ever since.

Thanks herman for suggesting Michael's grml write-up; that might offer some good hints for any future Debian installation efforts.

Hermann wrote:
On 17.02.2009 at 23:38:24 Keith Barrett <lists barrettpianos co uk> wrote:


I am using debian lenny with speakup. I do not have any graphical interface installed.

Thinking of trying gnome and orca, mainly for web browsing.

So, wondering about the best way to get gnome and orca? Can I just use apt-get?

I would prefer aptitude, and you can use it of course.

Also, any chance that any of this could mess up speakup and the command line?
I would recommend you to read Michael Whapples' guide to install Gnome
on GRML. This distro is based on Lenny, so you could do the most steps
as described.
If no particular issues come up, you can use your Speakup and your
command line as you use to do. I also use the console mainly.

I may use another hard drive so, again, the best way of getting orca if I start with another drive?

What do you mean? You then would have 2 drives with different systems?

Should I let the installer get the desktop computer packages or should I manually install packages?

See Michaels' guide, it's rather simple. You can install any wanted
package after you've set up your basic Gnome.
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