Re: [orca-list] does orca have a browser pass-through mode?

We have been working on testing/improving the ARIA support in Orca these past two months. As Javier mentions, the toolbars work better as do many other ARIA widgets. These changes have been checked into SVN trunk and are also going into the gnome-2-24 branch for the Orca v2.24.4 maintenance release due this week.

This is still somewhat of a volatile space, however, so I'm sure access issues still exist in both Orca and ARIA toolkits such as Dojo, the UIUC toolkit, Google's toolkit, and Yahoo's toolkit. So, please continue to do what you've done - ask questions and let us know of issues you run into.



Francisco Javier Dorado Martinez (tiflolinux) wrote:
Hi Ken

Using latest svn orca trunk I can access this toolbar. When Orca is in the toolbar (navigating with down arrow) announces only
the first button of the toolbar.
If you use the standard navigation shortcuts like right/left arrow Orca
read the copy, paste etc buttons.
And when you make a "where amI" command Orca reports that you are in a
toolbar and the corresponding button.

Orca doesn't have any pass-through mode and none is needed
cause all the content of the web is accessible to the AT and  the AT
(Orca) in this case dosen't have to create virtual modes, buffers  etc
to present web content

If you want to use the keyboard like a-z letters or numbers out from a
form control you can disable navigation keys by pressing orca + z

El mar, 17-02-2009 a las 03:43 -0500, Ken Petri escribiÃ:
Hi All,

I'm trying to get Orca 2 in Firefox 3 to work with the toolbar buttons
in the Dojo Toolkit.

I will only read the button values if the values are displayed as
text--that is, their labels are visible next to their icons. Other
screen readers (JAWS, Window-Eyes, NVDA) can toggle to pass-through
mode (or equivalent) to enable access to icon-only toolbar buttons.
They read the labels when in pass-through mode/when Virtual PC
Cursor/Browse-mode is off.

If you want to look at an example, try:

You'll notice that the icon-only toolbar buttons do not get read. Only
the bottom two toolbars get read....

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