[orca-list] Orca - some conflicts

Hi list,
as long as I installed new updated system on my sister´s notebook
there are some conflicts. Although running new machine - HP 550
notebook with 1 GB ram, Nautilus is sometimes very slow and often
freezes or says, that is not responding, Orca also. Braille indication
is off. When running Orca via terminal, it seems to be a little bit
better, but there are some messages. Orca sometimes also freezes while
terminal window remains blank. I thought that there is problem
somewhere in Gnome but after looking on the messages, Orca seems to be
the cause. For me is of course no problem to restart Orca choosing
"Force quit" but I have no idea to do this without need to see what is
on the screen.

It is a pity that it is not possible to run Orca with other WM than
Gnome. In my opinion, Xfce would be perfect - easy, light and fast.
She said she is missing the Sam Linux (Pclinuxos with Xfce instead
KDE) which she had on her old PC.

PS: One off-topic question: I installed Pcman File Manager which seems
to work OK with Orca. I would like to set it as default file manager
in Gnome instead Nautilus but did not succeed. I tried to set the
folder parameter "open with" and choose pcman, but folders are still
opening in Nautilus. Could anybody give me an advice?



PS: I attached some outputs from terminal generated while running
Orca. I hope that we will find the problem.

HP 550, Pclinuxos Gnome 2009 TR6

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