Re: [orca-list] Begin PGP-signed message?

What you're asking about is a PGP signature. We like to "Sign" our e-mails as being unchanged after we sent it. It kind of proves that we sent the mail and it wasn't tempered with by anyone else. If you have PGP aware tools, you can verify that signature by using our public key.

Mutt is one such mail program that integrates PGP nicely. I think Thunderbird has similar stuff built in but haven't tried it yet. I'm not on a Windows box at work running Thunderbird there so I can't sign this message for example. But I always do at home because I use mutt there from my text console or from gnome-terminal.

Tj wrote:
I just have to ask, and i know this is horriblyoff topic, however, here goes anyhow. I've noticed people writing emails that would ave: "Begin PGP signed message" and "Begin PGP signature" at the top and bottom of their emails respectively. I've done some research and know what it means, however, I'm curious as to which email clients do that? I've never seen something like that before I delved a little bit into the unix community. Tj Squires


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