Re: [orca-list] Question about Unicode and languages in UBuntu

Jonathan Duddington wrote:
eSpeak should always say something for any character if it's asked to
speak the "name" of the character.  This feature should be used by a
screen-reader program when speaking character names, character by


The problem might be, that Gnome Speech never uses this function of a
synthesizer.  Character names are substituted by Orca and spoken as
regular text.

When speaking text, eSpeak should say something for all alphabetic
characters, but unknown non-alphabetic characters (such as unknown
symbols) are ignored.

Yes, and because characters are spoken as text, they are ignored.

The Speech Dispatcher backend should not have this problem.  Characters
are passed to the synthesizer without transformation leaving the
synthesizer a chance to pronounce them correctly in current language


Best regards, Tomas

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