[orca-list] Using Orca with vim

I've found for months that Orca doesn't work well with gnome-terminal
when running vim.  Every time I move the cursor, vim updates the line
number and position at the bottom of the screen, so instead of reading
the line where the cursor is, it reads the line number.  Speakup from
a console works great with vim, by reading the line where I move the
cursor.  Is it possible to hack the gnome-terminal scripts to get this

Of course, I could just use a different editor, but I've been using vi
since 1980.  If I have to drive an editor with vision problems, I'd
really like it to be the one my fingers know.  If it is possible to
hack the scripts to get this working, I'm happy to go do it.  I just
need some pointers to get started.


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