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I'm using vmware. Virtual box is not accessible unless you use the command line. You can download the latest vmware player, version 3, or the latest workstation, version 7, which doesn't have these problems.

Hope this helps!

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Are you using virtualbox or VMware on the Mac side? I can get Fedora 12 to boot up just fine in VMware, but the particular version of Pulseaudio used has issues with VMware's emulated sound card so can't get any further than that unless there's a way to boot up without Pulseaudio that I don't know about. Later versions of Pulse have this issue fixed, but the F12 live cd doesn't have these versions.

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I would just like to say that I am very impressed with performance of orca on the new fedora 12. I am running it in a virtual machine on my mac and one of the best things about orca in this release is that you don't have to change any settings to use admin apps without using the root account. THis means you can activate admin apps from the menus and use them just like a sighted user would.

Well done orca and fedora developers!

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