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you're unfortunately making promotion for a sight who doesn't offer any
Linux laptop or pc solution.
Even if the price of $99 is cheap, there is no any link between the products
cherrypal is selling and any Linux or Orca or other item.


On Sun, Dec 27, 2009 at 10:11:24AM -0500, Josh wrote:

please if appropriate pass this onto the list and all other blindness email lists. 
starting next week the $99 africa netbook will be shipping with either windows xp or 
Ubuntu Linux. So instead of paying $6000 for a brailleNote, you could pay $1900 for the Africa and aph 
refreshabraille. I have written the owner of cherrypal asking him to include NVDA, firefox, and Jarte in 
there also. 
Why pay $6000 for a braillenote when the Africa costing $99 and a new refreshabraille costing $1695 you 
have a notetaker with braille display for $1800 or so. Don't feel like paying $1695 for a braille display? 
I've seen themm on the ACB braille forum high tech swap shop for $100 or so at times and also on ebay. 
so with that combination you can now have a decent notetaker with speech, spend $50 on ms-office, download 
simpleocr or buy fineReader pay $50 for a cannon canoscan and you have yourself an ok notetaker and reading 
system for $200 or $300. So once again starting next week cherrypal will ship the Africa netbook with your 
choice of Ubuntu or Windows xp, hopefully, eventually knoppix and knoppix-adriane as well. and perhaps 
later down the line, vinux. 

Josh Kennedy jkenn337 gmail com
Tired of Microsoft Windows and paying thousands for screen-readers? try out NVDA for Windows, or try out 
and switch to grml, Ubuntu, Vinux, or knoppix-adriane Linux desktops. Knoppix ubuntu and vinux-cli-max are 
the most accessible for beginners.
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