[orca-list] Help Needed with Ubuntu 9.10, Orca and Sound Settings

Hello guys,

Sorry for not posting that much. I really want to contribute with something, as soon as I get some knowledge.

Well, I'm new to the linux world, so every help is important.

I've recently aquired a laptop and decided to test ubuntu on that machine. I've installed Ubuntu using the accessibility profile, but instead of installing directly, I decided to run Ubuntu from the live CD first, so I could setup Orca to run as expected (since choosing screen reader on the accessibility options and then installing directly wasn't working). Everything worked perfectly, from running from live CD to the instalation.

Then I needed to setup sound, and then I've received a message: "waiting for sound system to respond". Later I discovered that this is a problem faced by the masses.

I've read on the Gnome's website that, even when you try to fix this bug by removing the file .pulse_a11y nostart (or something similar which I don't know where is located), all sound settings become available but orca acts irresponsible, causing a lot of chops in its speech.

So, before I go any further, I need some instructions on how to fix this problem with the sound system. Where can I get step-by-step instructions or is there anyone on the list who can help me on this?

Thanks in advance for your inputs.

Needless to say, wish you guys a wonderful 2010.


Edu Camargo.

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