Re: [orca-list] fb-reader possible accessible with future?

FBreader is based on libzl which, in turn, uses GTK. The issue of an unknown container control is actually 
markedly similar to that same issue found in older versions of wxWindows and SWT. All three of these toolkits 
are, essentially, bridges to whichever native toolkit applies for the system in question which makes a 
developer able to write just one interface and have it work across platforms.
Aside from fixing the problem in libzl itself or else telling FBreader not to use that unknown control (might 
not be possible depending on how libzl works), I'm wondering if there's any way possible that all controls 
called "panel" or "unknown" could always be made to expose their underlying content? That container control, 
after all, is unimportant to us Orca users, it's what's inside it that counts. If unknown controls could 
always render their contents it would solve a lot of accessibility issues right there, i.e. no matter what 
the container control is, always have subcontrols exposed to at-spi. I'm taking a stab in the dark here, I 
don't know enough about GTK+ internals to know how practical this idea would be. Still, having controls 
inside a container hidden from accessibility seems odd as, after all, we don't really interact with the 
containers themselves. It does make sense on a OS X where the concept of interacting with containers is an 
integral concept of the accessibility experience, but in GNOME it just seems to cause a lot of accessibility 
issues especially in these cross-platform GUI toolkits.

On Dec 25, 2009, at 01:53, Hammer Attila wrote:

Hy List,

Fb-reader is an ebook reader program. I think this program is gtk based.
The Orca flat review works fine this application. The main problem with this application, Orca does'nt 
spoken the actual ebook text, and the flat review commands does'nt show the text. Interesting, but my wife 
says magnifier is works correct with this application with full screen mode.

If I clicking for example with Capslock+7 keyboard command with show preferences button, the preferences 
dialogs for example relative good accessible.

If any Orca developer have a little time, possible little look this application, have hope solution with 
this application accessibility in future, or this application is impossible do accessibility?

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