Re: [orca-list] LXDE

Josh <jkenn337 gmail com> wrote:

Lxde works very good with orca. its written  with gtk+ like gnome. but lxde
runs very good in only 128mb of ram. 

How is the accessibility infrastructure loaded, i.e., at-spi-registryd? This
is specific to Gnome, but I assume lxde could invoke it if properly

At some point I would like to move to one of the lighter desktop environments,
since I don't need most of what is in Gnome: I just want to run X for certain
applications but I don't need a full desktop environment, since most of my
work is done from the shell, and I just invoke X when I need it.

This might also enable me to run Orca on my OLPC Xo laptop, which is highly
memory and CPU constrained.

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